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Every organization has a wealth of stories to tell. We craft authentic,
human-centered stories that engage your audience and call them to action.

We solve problems through storytelling.

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Video content is an effective and engaging messaging tool. We understand you have goals to achieve. It’s our job to help you reach them.

We Are Human-Centered

When you trust us to create your content, having a shared vision is key. Our proven process is fun and collaborative. We utilize your knowledge at every step.

Our Responsibility

Effective messaging is the responsibility of the messenger. We seek to understand your audience first. Then we design a story that speaks their language.

Emmy Awards

Our success is tied to your success.

We help you engage your audience on a deep level by telling authentic stories that build trust.

#StopTheStigma – Awareness Campaign

They Needed to Spread Awareness

To lead our audience to a place of healing, we designed the story to reflect a counseling session. Collaboration with our clients was critical to the awareness raised and lives reached.

Origin Story for Saas Startup

They Needed to Build Trust

They had a great SaaS product, and wanted a compelling introduction to their market. We knew the best way to get a risk-averse audience to trust the product was to put a face to their organization.

You guys are invested in telling stories about people and redemption... The authenticity, the genuineness with which you came to the project really shows up in the film.

Daniel Goldstein - #StopTheStigma Suicide Prevention CampaignN.C. State University Counseling Center

Can you hear me cheering from my office? Wow- thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to share this with my team and beyond.

Meredith Martindale - The Investor's Journey StoryCommunications & Marketing Manager, Investors' Circle

The response these videos have received has gone far beyond our expectations! Our challenge is to reach incredibly busy non-scientists with complex scientific topics in a way that engages.

Erin Hopper - Research Opportunities Initiative Video SeriesThe University of North Carolina System

A really big thank you for making the video experience an enjoyable time for us all! I will be exploring how we can do more of these with you all.

Justin Thomas - Medfusion Plus Apple Watch App StoryCrossComm

Our application deadline was Wednesday and it looks like our strongest applicant pool, from many more universities than ever. Thanks for making that possible!

Justin Schwartz - Grad Student Recruitment VideoNC State Materials Sciences & Engineering

Why Story?

Our Brains are Wired for It


“Narrative changes behavior, by changing our brain chemistry.”

-Paul Zak, American NeuroEconomist

Read the University of California, Berkeley article “How Stories Change the Brain” for more info.


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