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that specializes in documentary style video.

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Our Process Uncovers The Hidden Power of Your Story



Who is your audience and how does your product or service offer a solution? We want to help you create a compelling story that drives action.



We create your Road Map to Success, with everything your video will need to engage your audience and meet your goals.



We shoot the story, craft it into an engaging narrative, and help you promote the deliverables for maximum impact.

We promise to be your guide, celebrating you as a thought leader &

world changer who inspires people to take action.

Let us help you discover your story.


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“Narrative changes behavior, by changing our brain chemistry.”

-Paul Zak, American NeuroEconomist

Read the University of California, Berkeley article “How Stories Change the Brain” for more info.

From Our Inbox

Real emails from real clients.

Can you hear me cheering from my office?
Wow- thank you, thank you, thank you!
I can’t wait to share this with my team and beyond!

Meredith Martindale - The Investor's Journey StoryCommunications & Marketing Manager, Investors' Circle

A really big thank you from the CrossComm Team for making the video experience an enjoyable time for us all!
Admittedly I love this kind of stuff and will be exploring how we can do more of these with you all.

Justin Thomas - Medfusion Plus Apple Watch App StoryCrossComm

Our application deadline was Wednesday and it looks like our strongest applicant pool, from many more universities than ever.
Thanks for making that possible!

Justin Schwartz - Grad Student Recruitment VideoNC State Materials Sciences & Engineering

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