We believe in the transformative power of stories.

A story is an essential part of being human. We speak in stories. We think in stories. We define ourselves by our stories. In 2011, we founded StoryDriven to share stories of hope and redemption. Our mission is to use the power of storytelling to connect people and restore order to a harsh world.

A Story Defined

A character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.

-Donald Miller

Our Values






Nathan Clendenin

Founder / CEO

Nathan is the heart of StoryDriven. He pours out his passion in two ways: telling great stories and serving others.

Rebecca Clendenin

Sales / Logistics

Rebecca's passion for StoryDriven leads her in sales. Her love of detail helps us keep our shoots scheduled and organized.

Elliot Blumberg

Brand Journalist

Elliot combines research and storytelling to take your story from idea to completion. His honesty drives our authenticity.

Chelsey Griffith

Brand Journalist

Chelsey takes your idea and breathes life into it. Using her empathy and creativity, she elevates the story to inspire your audience.

Chrislyn Choo

Brand Journalist

Chrislyn uses her curious nature and big heart to spread our mission. Her love of neuroscience brings a scientific approach to our storytelling.