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Neighbors Come Together to Make DIY Face Shields

A neighborhood in North Carolina started a conversation on their listserv about the shortage of face shields at hospitals. One of the neighbors put his mechanical engineering skills to use to start a production line. Now the entire community is coming together to make face shields that are making their way all over the country to hospitals who desperately need them.

Shields Produced for $5 in Materials

Through the iterative process of prototyping and process refinement, the neighbors are making the process more efficient and cost effective every day.

Face Shield Recipient in Austin, TX

Face Shields Going as Far as Saipan

Word is getting out. Hospitals around the U.S., even its territories, are requesting shields.

What’s Next?

The neighbors continue making and shipping masks, 25 at at time, to hospitals around the country. There are also talks with factories of taking the prototype and scaling production way up. Consider donating to their GoFundMe. Every bit counts.

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Small Ways to Help Big

The cost to make each shield is about $5. Learn more about the progress and donate to help get these face shields to those that desperately need them!

Support this Project Today

Are you a DIY kind of person? Start making your own using the instructions below.

Build your own DIY Face Shield

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